Random Musings on Art and LIfe


Are Artists Cheating With Technology?

June 30, 2016

I had interesting conversations with two friends during the past week. In the first conversation, one friend said some of the art quilters she knew were dead set against using “techie” helpers (even things like Thermofax screens) for making art. Essentially, the argument was we (those of us embracing a new tool) were somehow cheating…

Testing A Flower Collage Overlay

March 17, 2016

Do you ever have an idea for a project you are working on – but hesitate to check it out because testing the idea could destroy all the work you have already done? I often find myself wanting to play it safe rather than pushing ahead with something that might be really cool. The nagging…

Make Time For Your Creative Nature

January 14, 2016

Do you ever open a fortune cookie and see something that makes you sit up and take notice? This bit of wisdom found me after dinner a few years ago – and I still have it posted right next to my desk. For me, it’s a valuable reminder of the long path I traveled the…

Beauty Equals Mass of Imperfections

January 15, 2015

Today I want to propose a new Universal Law of Art Physics. Are you ready? The New Law is a nice simple equation, kind of like Einstein’s E=mc2 that describes mass-energy equivalence. But, unlike theoretical physics, I know you can relate to my New Law. Without further ado, here it is: Say what? Let me…

Hear With Your Ears, Listen With Your Heart

August 14, 2014

by Shelly Stokes, Founder and Creative Mentor A year ago, I had just returned from a 3-day retreat with Rachael Jayne Groover, author of Powerful and Feminine. It was a wonderful event, and another step on my path to figuring out what I am here to BE in this world. While I was at the…

You Want Me To Stop For Sticks? You Betcha!

August 21, 2013

Would you stop on the way to your destination to look at a bunch of sticks? If you’re traveling along I-94 in Central Minnesota, I sure hope so! Just off the freeway near St. John’s University, there is an amazing outdoor art installation. Think of it as fiber art on steroids! Better yet, think about…