Q: How do I clean my stencils?

There are several things you can do to keep your stencils clean…
1. Wipe the stencils as you work. I keep a piece of scrap fabric or paper towels handy. After I paint an image, I put the stencil on the scrap fabric and gently wipe the paint off with another piece of fabric or a paper towel. I wipe both sides as I often have just a little bit of paint that gets under the edges of the stencil openings.
2. Mist the stencil with a solvent and wipe with a paper towel. This is very useful if you have paint buildup on the stencil. I don’t care for most solvents, so I use something like CitraSolv,a concentrated orange-based cleaner. I put the CitraSolv in a small spray-pump bottle and spritz it onto the stencil.
3. Clean with Cedar Canyon Brush Soap. Scoop some brush soap out of the jar and smear it on the stencil. Remove the soap with a damp cloth or paper towel. Works like a charm, and is totally non-toxic. (And don’t forget that the brush soap is a great hand cleaner!) You can find our handy dandy brush soap over in the Online Store.